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We at Alpha Funds help your money grow by identifying the right mutual funds to invest. The aim is to generate the Alpha over market benchmark for much superior returns. But why everyone needs it. The root cause is Inflation.

Talk About Inflation

Effects of Inflation - Silently erodes your Value of Money

Rule of 70

Rule of 70 shows the effect of Inflation on Money. The Below Table illustrates in how many years Rs50000/- becomes Rs25000/- in terms of purchasing Power of Money.

Rate of Inflation No. of Years
6% 11.67 yrs
7% 10.00 Yrs
8% 8.75 Yrs

So, in 20 Yrs at 7% Inflation, Rs50000/- becomes Rs12500/-. That's How Fast the erosion of Wealth Takes Place if its not Invested in the right Instruments.


The INCOM Approach to Investing

IN stands for Investment in the Right Mutual Funds as per the client needs and requirements. With various categories of Mutual Funds to choose from including Equity, Hybrid, Debt, Liquid Funds.

COM stands for Compounding
"Sir Albert Einstein famously referred to compounding as the eighth wonder of the world."
Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate earnings which, when reinvested or retained in the asset, will generate additional earnings.

Lets understand why we need this INCOM approach in our Life

Some Effects of Compounding shown in Table Below

Rules Time Period Rate@4% Rate@6% Rate@8% Rate@ 10% Rate@ 12% Rate@ 14%
Rule of 72 Years to Double Investment 18.00 yrs 12.00 yrs 9.00 yrs 7.20 yrs 6.00 yrs 5.14 yrs
Rule of 114 Years to Triple Investment 28.50 yrs 19.00 yrs 14.25 yrs 11.40 yrs 9.50 yrs 8.14 yrs
Rule of 144 Years to Quadruple Investment 36.00 yrs 24.00 yrs 18.00 yrs 14.40 yrs 12.00 yrs 10.30 yrs

We at The Alpha Funds Identify the Right Mutual Fund Schemes as per you Risk Profile and investment horizon. The Investment in the Appropriate Product and the Magic of Compounding helps you beat Inflation and Grow your money.